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Your Comprehensive Health Benefits

Who's Eligible?


All regular full-time employees (scheduled 30 hrs/week), eligible on the 1st of the month after 60 days. 


This includes the full-time employee's legal spouse or domestic partner eligible for all health benefits.


Children and legal dependents or eligible for coverage up to the age of 26.

United Healthcare
Direct Care

Dental Coverage

Through our Principal Dental plan you and your family have free dental coverage. This means you get to choose from just about any dentist in our area to take care of your teeth. 

Dental Coverage

How to Enroll

  1. Review the plan information in this Benefits Guide and the other detailed information, call Human Resources if you have any questions

  2. Complete the provided enrollment forms for each benefits coverage, indicating the appropriate coverage option, who is enrolling and all of requested information. If you choose not to enroll, we still require the enrollment form to be completed (Waiving coverage at this time means you are not allowed to enroll until the next plan renewal) unless a qualifying event is experienced

  3. Please return all forms to Human Resources within 30 days


If you experience a qualifying event during the plan year such as marriage, divorce, birth or adoption of a child, or a spouse/domestic partner losing or gaining other coverage, you would qualify to make changes to your benefit plans.

To make these changes a new enrollment form indicating the qualifying event and updated enrollment status is required for all benefits within 30 days to be delivered to Human Resources.

Failure to notify Human Resources within 30 days may disqualify any enrollment status changes.


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