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The JRT Podcast

Get an inside look at how things are done at JRT.


Episodes include interesting stories, informative insights and employee perspectives.

This is an internal podcast only.

Episode 10

We're back with another episode. This month, features David & John answering your questions from the company wide Q&A. You don't miss this one!

November EpisodeJRT Podcast
00:00 / 35:57
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Podcast Episode Photos.png

Episode 9

We have a new podcast format!  New episodes will now air monthly. This month our podcast guest is Matti Anderson, Service Manager. Hope you enjoy!

October EpisodeJRT Podcast
00:00 / 32:38

Episode 8

Our yearly company picnic is coming up on Friday, August 4th. Listen in as Anika, Elaine & Joclyn discuss plans for the upcoming 2023 picnic! 

Picnic Podcast 320JRT Podcast
00:00 / 12:30
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Episode 7

The use of CAD at JRT has changed a lot since 2015.  Eric Burdick & the CAD team discuss the beginnings of the department & how things have evolved over time.

CAD team with Eric BurdickJRT Podcast
00:00 / 35:46

Episode 6

How are things at our Pasco branch? Learn more about the eastside vision with Matt Massie, Operations Manager & Joclyn Zook, HR. 

Matt Massie with Joclyn ZookJRT Podcast
00:00 / 23:30
Podcast Cover Photo.png

Episode 5

Listen in as John Tapani, Estimator & Joclyn Zook, HR discuss upcoming work & how the estimating department operates at JRT.

John Tapani with Joclyn ZookJRT Podcast
00:00 / 30:56

Episode 4

Sit down with Randon, Safety Manager & Zach, Foreman as they go over our new open space 360 software. Learn how the software is helping with production, safety & overall project success.

Zach Raisenen with Randon WilliamsonJRT Podcast
00:00 / 07:33
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Episode 3

Are you curious about how PTO works at JRT? Listen here, as Matt & Elaine go over all the things. You can also follow along with the slides in link below.

Elaine Muonio with Matt JohnsonJRT Podcast
00:00 / 05:31

Episode 2

Randon Williamson, Safety Manager sits down with Paul Peterson, one of JRT's longest time employees to discuss safety on our projects. Paul talks about his experience at the VPS jobs with Skanska.

Paul Peterson with Randon WilliamsonJRT Podcast
00:00 / 17:50
Screenshot 2022-12-06 152813_edited.jpg

Episode 1

Listen in on an exclusive conversation between HR manager, Matt Johnson & founder, Jake Tapani. As Jake relives the old days at JRT & it's humble beginnings.

Jake Tapani with Matt JohnsonJRT Podcast
00:00 / 08:57
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