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Empower Your Future


When we hire employees, we're thinking long term. That's why we have a competitive retirement plan by one of the industry's leading investment groups:

Empower Retirement ©

Who's Eligible?

All regular full-time employees (scheduled 30 hrs/week) are eligible to start investing through JRT's company account account with Empower Retirement. Your investment percentage is open for your discretion, unless you are working on a public works project, in which a designated fringe benefit will be added automatically based on an hourly rate.

How it Works

Got any Questions?

If you have any questions, and/or want to discuss your retirement account, please reach out to the financial adviser for JRT.

Rafik Fouad,

at First Pacific Financial

How It Works

As soon as you are eligible, you will be added to the

JRT Empower Account.


Any public work projects, will add a fringe benefit amount automatically to your account, however, all other work will require you to decide how much you want to contribute.


You can access all of your account information online and customize your retirement savings based on your particular situation and your goals for the future.

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